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This is me in yoga.  I love this.


Padraigs http://wp.me/s1BkjS-padraigs



If you have a toddler who acts like their shoes are lined with razor blades or venomous serpents, consider trying on a pair of these delights. They are called Padraigs and they’re little knitted slippers with a tough leather sole, lined with sheepskin.

Olive had them when she was younger, and received this pair for her birthday from Adam’s twin sister. They are currently the best bet for shoes…

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The other day I had a peculiar thought, and that thought was, “I have everything I have ever…

by Chris Piascik

The other day I had a peculiar thought, and that thought was, “I have everything I have ever wanted.”

Which sounds obnoxiously braggy, especially reading it on a blog, because it seems like blogs are, on the whole, becoming utterly obnoxious and braggy places, but it wasn’t thought with a sense of smug satisfaction.

[Tangent: I hope I am not part of the problem, one of these…

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At least she’s honest?

Me: Olive, I’m hoping to get some writing done today. But to do that, I need you to play quietly in your room for a bit. Do you think you can do that?

Olive: Ummm…no.

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I did a thing! Look at this thing I did!

Let’s subject you to ill-lit and shot iPhone photographs of this thing I did, because I feel immensely fabulous about it and need the mighty approval of The Internets slapping me on the back as well.

We had a door in our basement. It used to sit between the kitchen and side door, but was taken down years ago, I imagine because it was completely useless. So we discovered it sitting downstairs and…

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A list!

I have a million little tidbits whirling around in my head, with no time to fully flesh them out.

Here, Internets! Feast upon my mind-scraps !

  • If you read my potty-training post and became purple with rage, and wandered around your house the whole day sarcastically muttering things like “Oooh, I’m Madeleine, I’m such a hippie, MY kid was potty-trained in three days! Aren’t I soooooo great? I mean…

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