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Lately I have been throwing myself into projects around here full-tilt. Just doing stuff, getting shit done. For a while I thought it was because I wanted to get the house looking closer to the “after” image in my head before guests descend for Olive’s birthday, but I realized tonight that it’s more than that.

Olive and I had an off day. She woke late and was grumpy and tetchy – I think she is…

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Toddlers http://wp.me/s1BkjS-toddlers

Beg desperately at high-pitched volumes for you to help them get dressed in a ridiculously complex item of clothing.

Start screaming the second you finish, Make you undress them again.

Why Olive, whyyyyy.

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Resist http://wp.me/s1BkjS-resist

Resist - SweetMadeleine.ca

Cree Proverb

I have four sisters, and they are a feisty, motley sort of crew. Among our ranks –  these five feisty  Somerville Sisters- we count medical office assistants and midnight chefs, burlesque performers, world travelers, internet oversharers (oh, hello there!), and then, then we have Hilary.

Hilary is the second youngest, the most brazen and wild. She is a lovely, witchy, transient,…

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This is what happens when you let a small-town hippie move to the Big City.

(Also, incidentally, the only chance I ever have at even getting close to the Style section. )



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My favourite room


It makes me so happy seeing her in here, her “big girl room”. Up to this point she had always slept in a crib in our room. And I am unashamed to admit that I may have quietly crept in and slept in the matching twin bed every so often for the first few weeks we lived here.

You know, so she wouldn’t be lonely.

It was for HER.

The twin beds were left by the previous owner, I refurbished the dress…

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Ohhh, let’s talk about wanting.

I don’t know about you but a significant portion of my life is spent wanting things. At times this is fantastic, because when I want to be a better writer, or a better mother, or a healthier person, this wanting is the wolf at my heels spurring me to run faster and try harder.

Wanting something different for myself – more elegant prose, more patience, more…

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